How to lose weight

Overweight leads to big problems, change the appearance, shortness of breath, suffer vessels and heart. Cure will help diet. It is necessary to limit the consumption of carbohydrates: sugar, candy, white bread, flour and cereal products, potatoes. If you are engaged in hard physical labour, the number of calories safely reduce to 1500 per day. To create a feeling of satiety in the diet include low calorie bulk products:

- raw vegetables;

- dairy products;

- cooked chicken;


Want to have a slender figure, forget about white bread, oil and butter, use in small amounts for cooking only. It is important to follow the rule – eat small portions but often.

How to lose 5 pounds

In the cold season you always want hot, but that hot meals often cause the appearance of extra pounds. For winter dietitians offer "good diet" for 10 days. During this time, you can lose 5 kg, repeat in three months. "Good diet" is not to be taken by the pregnant or lactating, people with chronic diseases should consult a doctor.

Sample menu. Breakfast can be consumed: hot tea, honey and warm sandwich with cucumber or oatmeal with milk, a glass of warm milk and hot toast with 50g of cheese. Perfect Breakfast – stewed vegetables, except potatoes.

Lunch can consist of such products: 100 g of baked potatoes and meat poultry or lean beef. First, you can eat vegetable soup without the fat or the ear, and the second – 100 g of boiled fish. It is not forbidden hot chicken broth 100 g chicken breast.

Dinner should be easy: a glass of hot tea, teaspoon of honey, one Apple, pear or grapefruit. Perhaps this combination – a glass of warm milk and oatmeal cookies or green tea with a spoon of honey and three Mandarin. You can afford a slice of white bread with a spoonful of honey and drink hot tea.

Summer, on the contrary, I want something refreshing, cool. Eat to lose weight, this original dish, something like a hash, not kvass and low-fat chicken broth. And no sausages and potatoes! Only cucumbers, slices of boiled chicken, radishes, greens. Instead of sour cream add in it yogurt. It should be noted that no diet will not help to look good if not to give up alcohol, Smoking, and sleep less than 8 hours a day.