Why do I get heel spurs

Plantar tendon (also called fascia) is attached to the calcaneal tuber, the weight of the human body has him in that place a constant pressure. The result can be Microdrive of the tendon, usually regress by themselves. However, sometimes the presence of a constant microtraumatism exposure can lead to chronic inflammation with the presence of a pronounced pain syndrome.

Most often this disease occurs after 40 years with the most susceptible to it are female patients. Also perhaps the development of plantar fasciitis in the presence of excess weight, flat feet, arthritis. Often this disease is found in those athletes that can put considerable strain on the heels.

The symptoms of heel spurs

The main symptom is the presence of pain in the heel is able to grow under increasing load and is most often manifested in the morning. As a rule, for the diagnosis of the disease is enough, having examined the complaint of the patient, conduct physical examination and x-rays, which give the possibility to easily detect the heel spur. But keep in mind that heel pain may also be accompanied and other inflammatory illnesses: Reiter's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Besides, sometimes plantar fasciitis is accompanied by fractures of the osteophytes.

How to treat heel spurs at home

The treatment method described above disease consists primarily in the necessity to reduce the load on the heel with thrust bearings, insoles, physiotherapy complex of procedures aimed at reducing inflammation and softening of the "spur" of the use of massage, a variety of warming rastirok, applications of therapeutic mud, warm baths.

In particularly difficult cases, the appropriate use of ultrasound procedures, x-ray therapy, laser irradiation of low intensity. Locally assigned corticosteroids (diprospan, flosteron).

In the absence of a positive result requires surgery, in which bony growths are removed surgically.

Prevention of heel spurs

To prevent the disease if:

- to control weight.

- if you have flat feet — to pick up or sew to order special shoes.

- avoid heavy loads on foot.