What is a heel spur

View and the reasons for the formation of such build-up can be varied. Spur on the heel looks like a little education, often similar to a wart. The knot acts as a cleat and walking compresses the soft tissue of the foot. It causes a unpleasant sensation of pain. Sometimes this education can only be detected by x-ray. The screenshot clearly shows how spur is a bone outgrowth.

Such a growth can be different sizes. Its causes can be very different:
- a large burden due to overweight or when playing sports;
the complication of injuries, bumps, bruises, faces;
- wearing shoes that are not comfortable and not suitable in size.

Sometimes the cause may even become a virus infection. Spur may receive in consequence of such diseases as rheumatism, flat feet, diseases. Age violations are very often accompanied by this disease. The statistics show that elderly people are more vulnerable to the occurrence of heel spurs.

How to treat heel spurs

Treatment of the disease, as its cause may be different. It is best to consult a doctor. It will put the correct diagnosis, identify the cause of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. It can be anti-inflammatory drugs – pills, creams, or hormonal drugs. In any case, they should appoint a specialist.

To complete the treatment you will be able folk remedies. The most simple and harmless is the gadgets. You can make them all night, pribinova soaked gauze to the source of the disease. To make such gadgets is very simple: grate raw potato and black radish to make a paste, and apply it to the spur.

Proven and baths from pharmacy paraffin. It should be dissolved in a water bath and pour it in the tub. Better legs to float in the toes, as after cooling it will be easier to remove the paraffin.

Using eggs and vinegar can also heal spur. Put the egg in the shell into a glass and fill it with vinegar, cover and leave for a few days in a dark place. After the shell has dissolved it should be removed, and the contents along with the vinegar mix with a spoon of sunflower oil. This line-up dampen a cotton pad and tape it overnight to the affected area. Put on top of the cellophane and warm socks.

Finally, we note that it is better to prevent any disease. Wear comfortable shoes, for women it is better not to abuse too wearing shoes with heels. Keep track of your weight. If your feet are not accustomed to frequent loads do not go much on foot.