The conversation in the social network VK differs from dialogue in that it involved more than two people, most often 3 to 5 and above. At any time, simply click the "Exit interviews" to stop receiving new messages from friends within this branch. The problem here is that, after leaving the chat, you cannot return to the remote conversation in the VC main ways – at the invitation of the other or by its creation.
There are two suitable way to get back in the conversation of VK: if you removed the dialogue or chat with other users while it remains on the message tab. In the second case, to make the desired action is quite simple: log in to the conversation and click on "Actions" at the top. In the menu that appears, select "Back to conversation". Then you re-appear in the list of its users and will start to receive new messages from the conversation. Please note that messages sent by users at the time while you were not a party to the conversation will not be displayed.
The opportunity to return to the conversation the VC, if you removed the dialogue is still there. For this you need to copy the reference to the remote chat. First, just open the tab of dialogs in the social network, the link to which will be Add to the link sequence number of the remote conversation to make the link as where c1 is the number you need. Accordingly, it is necessary to substitute the correct value. If you don't remember the exact number, try to pick it up by listing the closest values until you see the desired conversation (preferably in advance to pay attention to the number of the dialogue and memorize it, especially if he's important to you ).
Click on the already known the button "Actions" and then select "back to conversation", which will help to achieve the desired result. Subsequently, if you are not the Creator of the conversation, it is better to try to abide by the ethics of communication, not to insult other users and not to say too much, not to become excluded from it. To create a VC conversation and add users as simple as delete it. Simply create a new message, specify a subject and the recipient list to select multiple users from your friends list. After sending this message, you will receive access to the settings of the conversation (conference) on the rights of its Creator and with the ability to remove and add participants at its discretion.