Garland with flags is not only simple to do, it has the further advantage of scalability. Make little flags to decorate the bouquet fir branches for the New year or large flags to hang a inscription is a banner to celebrate a birthday. Opportunities to exercise creative imagination on the basis of this idea are endless.

For the garland you will need a thick string, cord or braid, and colored paper for flags, glue or stapler (if necessary).

How to make a traditional garland with flags:

1. Cut out of colored paper a box shape (see diagram). Make the flags double-sided (folded) or one-sided. The second punch a hole punch at the top.


2. Place the flags on the cord. If the flags are made double-sided, fold each of them snapped on the cord and then bind a drop of glue or paper clip stapler. Unilateral flags should just be strung on a cord (like stitched).

Please note! Unilateral flags to do better for hanging on the wall or on the tree, that is where their opposite side no one will see.

Useful tip: if you only have white paper, then before you make a garland, razreshite each check box or make the application. You can also pre-pick the Internet for pictures (e.g., images of cartoon characters) and print the boxes with the finished images.

By the way, earlier I described how to sew a garland of paper elements on the sewing machine. This method is also suitable for creating garlands of flags.