10th place: "Masters of horror"

The cutting of sharp, stylish and perfectly captured the mysterious stories is the author's writing is brief, but is remembered by many of the TV series "Masters of horror". Each series is a separate complete story, which tells about the fate of the girl-monster, the maniac who wanted to murder at the wedding, about a family of vampires, hunted in the woods.

Unlike most scary TV series, "Masters of horror" has got a mixed reputation. Not all critics were favorable to a terrible show and the ratings a little pumped up. Therefore, lasted two seasons, the project was closed. But that did not stop the "Masters of horror" to acquire a small but dedicated army of fans.

9th place: "the haven ("haven's Secrets")

The atmosphere is cozy, but the mysterious city of haven is in many ways similar to the "picture" of the worlds of Stephen king. It works acclaimed king of horror formed the basis of the script of the show.

The first season of "haven" almost does not justify the genre. Almost all mysterious and mystical turns of human despair. Even as such, the main antagonist in season, no.

If not scare, to thrill the show makes at the beginning of the second season. The picture is much bleaker, the characters are far more realistic, and the action becomes more serious.

8th place: "Grimm"

There is nothing terrible to see the true essence of people. The protagonist of the series "Grimm" is a happy owner of the mysterious gift of seeing the so-called creatures Nick Bethard would hardly agree with this argument.

The universe of the series is densely filled with various species of creatures – a dangerous and very dangerous. It groups all kinds of bauerschwein, blutbaden, fuchsbau and controlof most often are the most violent and elusive criminals. Mere mortals should be happy that the protagonist is not only an experienced hunter creatures, but also a police officer.

7th place: "Strain"

Eminent writer and Director Guillermo del Toro was able to prove that the horror genre has a right to exist not only on the big screen – the vampire Apocalypse, "Strain" can scare not worse than the "perfect storm". Untrained viewer will have to prepare for a depressing picture of humanity standing before the face of relentless epidemic of vampirism. Moreover, to fight the virus is ready, only a few brave heroes. And if the first season will be the last to keep in the center of events the issue of the virus itself, the second more focused on human relationships.

6th place: "Under the dome"

Unremarkable town of Chester's mill covers a mysterious dome, impermeable, invulnerable and, as it turned out, very "vengeful". What is it – military experiments, diabolical machinations of alien civilizations or the penalty for the sins of the people? With each series a terrible secret begins to unfold, followed by its true identity is becoming the main characters. Despite the intricate plot, this series seemed to spectators not so much terrible, how much prolonged, and therefore was closed after three seasons.

5th place: "Queen of scream

With all the parody of the series and a clear female bias, there are lessons to be terrified. Beautiful outfits and Hollywood landscapes are interspersed with banal "dismemberment" in the style of slasher. Plus – key affair, as if borrowed from the popular movie franchise "Scream", until the end of the season, keeps in constant tension. Who is behind the killer's costume?

4th place: "Hannibal"

The TV series "Hannibal" organically and history have combined all part of the same cinematic of the franchise, outlining all the ins and outs of one of the most sinister anti-heroes of our time. Throughout the series Hannibal continues to embody the monstrous gastronomic fantasies, in parallel helping the police to catch their own kind – murderers. At some point, their is so much that writers are fundamentally changing the thread of the narrative, leaving in the centre only of Hannibal himself. And this is a big plus.

3rd place: "Walking dead"

A terrible picture of the Apocalypse, dragging hundreds of thousands of fans, continues to acquaint the viewer with a world in which every living have a battalion of zombies. "The walking dead" disarmed even the most stringent critics, who were forced to admit that this series aspires to cult status.

Picture of the world presents before the audience the horrific prospects of life in the zombie Apocalypse. However, the big question is who is the source of much of the horror, the walking dead or desperate people.

2nd place: "splash"

In the best traditions of the British TV series, "splash" (also "penny Dreadful") is an amazing picture filled with colorful, believable and familiar characters.

Line of the fate of Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian gray, van Helsing and their many friends, enemies and companions crossed the unfriendly streets of London. They have to unite in the face of the comprehensive evil that is hunting for a bride of the Devil.

1st place: "American horror story"

"American horror story" is one of the best examples of quality TV series in the horror genre. It has everything – intrigue, a large number of characters and unmatched style creators.

Each season is a different story and its own set of horror-kriesche. Supernatural coexists with the mundane. Only in "American horror story" domestic violence and tyranny in the family, no less frightening than vampires and ghosts.