Ghusl is called - gusl. This process of pouring water all over the body. A woman is obliged to do ghusl after the cessation of menses or postpartum bleeding, and after intimacy.

The procedure of performing ghusl:

  • To make (niyat) the intention: "I intend to do ghusl for the sake of the Almighty Allah."
  • Before strip, I say the words "Bismillah" (in the name of Allah). As the naked man can't I say the prayer and do not want to talk.
  • First of all you must wash your hands.
  • To wash, to wash the private parts, to remove from the body and unclean.
  • To make wudoo ' and wash not only his feet.
  • Three times to wash the body with water from head and moving to the right shoulder to the left, to wash whole body in the last leg.

In the case when the hair is in braids, the woman does not have to untangle, if nothing prevents the access of water to the roots of the hair. It is not necessary to dissolve the hair, water should reach the roots of the hair, but not hair.

Ghusl is valid, if a person rinsed his mouth, washed his nose, and washed my whole body. That is, you must complete the three required actions.


The small ablution is called wudu.

The procedure of performing wudoo':

  • Intention: "I intend to do wudoo' for the sake of the Almighty Allah."
  • The utterance of the words: "Bismillah" (in the name of Allah).
  • Wash hands up to wrists.
  • Rinsing your mouth three times.
  • Rinsing nose three times (pulling the water through the nose and bismarckallee).
  • Washing the face three times.
  • Washing hands up to the elbows, three times.
  • The wiping of the head, wetting only once hands, rubbing ears, no re-wetting hands and neck with the back of the brush. Wipe the index finger inner side of the ears, large - outdoor (all this is done only once).
  • The washing of the feet three times. First, once washing between the toes.

Wudoo ' spoil any discharge from the genitals and anus (feces, urine, gases, etc.), discharge of blood, pus from the body vomiting, loss of consciousness, sleep.

Without full ablution wudoo ' is invalid. After ghusl it is not necessary to re-take wudoo'.