First of all, if you really want to get love, men, you need to stop hard to achieve it. It would seem that ironic. Sometimes, however, she begins so obviously "run" for a young man that he absolutely ceases to respect her. Love in this way is not exactly achieved, but there is a danger of losing self-esteem.
In the presence of the object of your sympathy is not necessary to show their feelings. If this is a good man, truly worthy of love, he begins to sympathize and to ask what had happened, and to talk about it, don't have confidence in response, still not worth it. Can occur very awkward situation.
No need to smoke (at least in the presence of the beloved) and to use swear words. This nowadays it is difficult to surprise someone, but the true femininity and good manners never go out of fashion.
In a conversation with a loved one don't seem too smart. To better reveal their intellectual abilities gradually. Unfortunately, many men are afraid of smart women.
We should not forget about their appearance. You should always try to be beautiful and well-groomed. As a rule, the beauty of the soul of his chosen men notice much later, in the first place they draw attention to the visual appeal.
You should not abuse alcohol. A drunk woman is capable of causing disgust even the man who does not refuse to drink. What can we say about the abstainers? You should not act too aggressively. Men sometimes like a jerk, but in his beloved most of them prefer to see the kindness, gentleness and docility.
If given the opportunity, to invite the man to visit. Set the table, to buy him delicious things to offer tea or coffee. It will be nice to feel cared for. It is not necessary to translate the conversation on feminine subjects, so that the man was not boring. In order to achieve a reciprocal feeling, you should learn to understand interesting topics.
In the presence of a loved one to behave completely naturally, artificiality and hypocrisy, often cause rejection. A big mistake is to flirt with him with other men, trying to cause jealousy, it can simply turn away from such a careless person.
Don't give up and stop halfway. If you want to get love, men, you need to go for their goals, without turning. If this is still not happened, we should not despair and assume their life is over. Maybe new love is already on the threshold.