You will need
  • Dumbbell, bench.
Do 2-3 times a week exercises that help increase tone the chest muscles that support Breasts. The amount of training depends on their intensity. Watch your weight, if you are going to lose something reduced and the chest, therefore, with the increase of loads monitor the power quality.
Start with pushups from the floor. Do push-UPS in position face down, place hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together. Do workout five approaches, the number of push UPS each of them to the maximum.Inhale and bend your elbows, move your chest to the floor, while the spine in the lumbar spine should not SAG. Press up to complete straightening of the arms, at the end of the movement breathe out.
Do the exercise smoothly. If you find it difficult to immediately start doing push UPS, you can do push-UPS from bed or chair, and then, as adding strength to fall to the floor. If you can easily perform this exercise, under the arms, you can put some books, this will increase the range of motion that it would be better to work on chest muscles.
Practice strength training chest muscles – elements of bodybuilding. Hold two dumbbells from 3 kg to 6 kg, focusing on its strength and capabilities. You will also need a hard bench. Lie back on the bench, feet stay on the floor. Take the dumbbells in hand and do the exercise "wiring", i.e. reduce and breeding hands with dumbbells over head. Do three sets of 10-15 repetitions.
Do another exercise on the involvement of the group chest muscles. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Take the dumbbells in hand and lift them alternately in front, without bending the elbows, palms down. The more range of motion the better the muscles are worked out. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
Finish the exercise by distributing of hands with dumbbells in the standing position. Divorced hands in different directions on the sides of the torso up and back. Do 3-4 sets of 10-15 times each.