The benefits of carrot diet

Carrot diet not only helps to lose weight, but also brings tangible benefits. Not surprising, since the carrot is low in calories, 100 grams of this vegetable only 32 calories. At the same time – the high content of various vitamins. First of all, carotene, vitamin A – it is necessary for sharp vision. And in carrots are vitamins C, E, B3, and sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and many others. In addition, the root and gently cleanses the intestines, removes toxins from the body, thereby normalizing the activity of digestive system and rejuvenating the body.

How to eat carrots to lose weight

To lose weight on carrots in just four days. For this you need a specially prepared salad. To do his best with the young carrots. It can not even clean, just rinse – after all, the greatest content of nutrients under a thin skin of vegetable.

So, if you want to stop the weight gain and get rid of extra pounds, take a kilo of carrots, one lemon and a tablespoon of honey. RUB the carrots on a fine grater, and season with lemon juice and honey, mix well and divide into 5 portions. They have to eat during the day.

In addition to this salad, you can treat yourself to some fruit and drinking carrot juice (Apple and carrot). Of course, the juice should be homemade, not store-bought – so too much sugar. Another very important drinking regime – you need a lot of plain water, green tea or mineral water without gas.

Using a carrot diet for three days, on the fourth it is necessary to enter in the menu a little low-fat boiled meat (beef, veal, chicken, Turkey) and a little baked potato. If done correctly, you can lose weight on a carrot three to four kilograms.

Long carrot diet effective weight loss

If you love carrots and are ready long enough to tolerate the restrictions menu, you can take another carrot diet for 10 days. Weight loss on this diet can be up to 7 kilograms.

Take is the same as in the first case, the amount of carrots, honey and lemon. Prepare the salad and season it a very small amount of sour cream low-fat (no more than 15 percent).

There is a salad should be small portions, but often. You can also in addition to diet to eat one boiled carrot a day. This, of course, plenty to drink (at least 1.5 liters of water, green or herbal tea, non-carbonated mineral water.

Pitfalls carrot diet

As the use of any other, in the case of carrot diet has contraindications. To lose weight with it is not worth it with a high degree of obesity, enteritis, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease. In addition, if you don't like carrots, eat only the vegetable for four, let alone ten days will be very difficult.

And, of course, very important at the end of the diet start to gain weight again. To avoid this, you should at least a month after you effective weight loss to abandon flour, sweet, fatty foods.