To understand why it is important to maintain normal hemoglobin levels, you should know what the consequences can cause iron deficiency anemia:

  • premature birth;
  • dilution and deterioration of blood clotting (leading to increased bleeding during delivery and postpartum period);
  • pain in the breast cage, the lack of oxygen, signs of degeneration of the cardiac muscle;
  • decrease of contractile ability of the uterus (the risk of a prolonged childbirth);
  • the slow development of the fetus.

This is just the basic, most obvious threat associated with anemia. It is therefore important to increase the level of hemoglobin during pregnancy at least to the lower limit of the permissible limits.

The causes of reduced hemoglobin

There are several circumstances which lead to the decrease of hemoglobin. These include lack of iron in the body and is a frequent toxicosis.

However, the decrease in hemoglobin during pregnancy is a natural process. 25-30 week in the body in 1.5 times increases the amount of blood circulation. Because of this, the level of erythrocytes increased by one third, whereas the amount of hemoglobin is reduced to 110 g/L. This level is characterized by physiological anemia. It is not as dangerous as iron deficiency and requires only attention.

How to increase hemoglobin level in pregnant women

To increase the hemoglobin in the blood at the required rate, we need to know the severity of the anemia. There are three stages:

  • lightweight (90-110 g/l);
  • medium (70-90 g/l);
  • heavy (70 g/l or less).

The simplest way to raise the hemoglobin in the blood is a change of diet. You need to add in the diet mushrooms, wheat bran, cocoa, seaweed, buckwheat, beans, raspberries, beets, apples, carrots, bananas and other products, the iron content of which is sufficiently large.

In addition, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Specialist will conduct a survey of the fetus. Depending on the results may be treated. Among other things this may include the introduction of medicines containing iron.

There are also many recipes that will help to increase the content of red blood cells. For example, you can mix equal amounts apricots, walnuts, honey and raisins. They should mince and bring to a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture is taken in a few tablespoons per day.