Advice 1: What to do if you are kicked out of the house

Conflicts between children and parents sometimes cause the child is put through the door of his house. To restore the relationship and resolve the problem it is necessary to take serious measures.
What to do if you are kicked out of the house

The confrontation between fathers and children is known since ancient times. Extreme forms result in a difficult situation, namely, leaving home the baby. It happens that this occurs on the initiative of parents. Actions in such cases must be taken immediately.

Often such situation occur in families where children are in their Teens. In this case, the child needs to think, whether the cause of the scandal. Boyish, rude and not quite adequate behavior can bring parents to extreme desperation, and the heat of the moment they decide to expel the child. Teenager should temper his zeal and resentment. 15 - 16 years a go you still have nowhere to run too nowhere. The first is to apologize to the parents. Talk heart to heart, will solve your problem at least partially. The scandal due to lack of pocket money is not worth the destruction of the family and their lives.

The situation is different if the perpetrators become parents. No grown man will decide to put their child out the door without good reason. If the child is certainly not the instigator of the scandal and does not behave selfishly, then the step parent should serve as a reason for seeking the guardianship. Especially if the situation is repeated not for the first time.

Practical advice in a situation when you were on the street without money and a place to sleep, may be the following: go to the next of kin. Grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters and brothers - all of them, regardless of previous relationships, become your friends and helpers. Friends you can also spend the night, but it is unlikely you will be able to live with them for more than a few days.

Most likely, your first night away from home parents will understand the haste of the decision and will find a way to bring you back. If not, will have to act independently. As mentioned above, you can contact the guardianship (if you are under 18). If you spelled out in the house from which you were expelled, contact the police. With representatives of the authorities, you will return to your rightful home, regardless of the wishes of the parents.

In any situation it is better to seek reconciliation.

Advice 2: How to lose 20 kg per month at home

The human desire to be beautiful is not dependent on sex and age. Almost all the inhabitants of the planet want to possess a perfect figure. Good for those who has it. But what if the proportions are far from perfect? The slight extra weight can be hidden under clothing. But people who have a body mass much higher common, this is far from easy. That is why many seek to find the answer to the burning question: "How to lose 20 pounds in a month at home?"

how to lose 20 kg per month at home

To get rid of the extra 20 pounds, you need to reconsider basic provisions of their own routine and diet, to limit the total amount of daily food intake. The greatest amount of food should be eaten during Breakfast, slightly smaller lunch, and dinner - very small portion allotted for data day products. It is necessary to limit salt intake (it is the main culprit of the swelling and fluid retention in the body). Food should be not only tasty, but also useful - with the maximum quantity of products of plant origin.

Lose weight in a month by 20 pounds really, but it will take certain sacrifices in the form of a waiver of Goodies. From the diet should completely eliminate fried potatoes, macaroni and flour products, smoked products, bacon, ketchup and mayonnaise. Meat is possible, but it is important to give preference to low-fat varieties. Meat dishes are best baked in the oven, cook in a double boiler (a pressure cooker) or simmer.

In the process of losing weight is completely off limits is alcohol, it is also important to stop Smoking.

For an effective fight against fat, otsloivshiesya where it should not be, it is important to drink daily 2-3 liters of water. Such a drinking regimen helps to eliminate toxins and normalizes metabolism, and is essential for quick weight loss.

If your dream is to lose 20 pounds in a month, you must keep accurate calorie count. Remember that for women with minimal physical activity, and sedentary work daily ration is 1200 calories for men – 2500. If for some reason you have gone beyond these numbers, to expel from the body of excess calories will allow doing the hard work or active exercise.

Pay special attention to physical activity. Can go from work to work on foot? Do this daily, if weather conditions permit, and the air is not polluted by the exhaust of cars. Sports – the most effective method of fighting fat. Write a program for the implementation of pre-selected exercises and start training. In the course of exercise consumed calories from the body leaving the water in the form of sweat and waste products in the form of a salt discharge. All this contributes to rapid and efficient separation with 20 extra pounds.

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