Advice 1: How to return the daughter home

The conflict of generations and constant quarrels often force children to leave the family. They think that if they leave home, life will be much easier. The task of parents in this situation - to get back a confused child home.
How to return the daughter home
To understand the reason for this daughter, first ask yourself the question: if you were able to push her out of the house with their words or actions? Many children (especially girls) are overly sensitive to the criticisms from parents. Once sown in her daughter the seed of doubt is, whether you like it, you can start the mechanism of development of an inferiority complex. So you should be careful with the words that you speak daughter. Cheer her up in difficult times, and don't call incompetent or stupid.
From the house where comfortable, do not go away. So, you have created such conditions that the only remedy for daughter was the departure. Constant scandals and conflicts in the house do not contribute to improvement of microclimate in the family. The child is constantly humiliated parents, to seek support from friends. Those, in turn, can incite him to escape from the house. Girls are harder to decide on such, they are more tied to home and family. But, driven to despair, the daughter and pack up and leave - to return it because of the greater sensitivity and vulnerability will be much harder than the boy. So you need to work on yourself to be able to return a daughter back home. She will not return if the rest will feel the same negative attitude.
To persuade the daughter to come home, stock up on warm words and patience. Don't, refused, to yell and to appeal to the fact that you have spent on her education whole life, and she treats you so disrespectful. Gently tell her that you realized your mistakes and miss her a lot. Based on kinship and spiritual connection with your daughter you will achieve the desired results.

Advice 2: How to return a loved one without magic

If you want to return a loved one, it can be done without the help of magic. The cuffs and the omens are not always. And when there are, can harm not only those who served them, but also to those who ordered them. Therefore, it is better not to address to sorcerers and magicians, and to work on yourself to attract a loved one.
How to return a loved one without magic
Start with a small anger management, because first of all you need to calm down. Think about what did not happen nothing critical. Yes, you left. Perhaps for another woman, and maybe for the reason that ended feelings. But it's not the end of the world, you're still alive and can change the situation for the better.
Start with a short break. You and your former partner need to chill and to fully realize the situation. Perhaps your favorite in a few days will realize that he made a mistake and will come back to you. If you will constantly be around him, to realize it will be much harder. Do not meet and do not communicate with her lover two or three weeks.
Use this time to work on yourself. Try to bring yourself up. On your face you should not see traces of tears, your eyes should exude happiness. Of course, to do that in such a situation is very difficult. But if he sees you not in your best form, then return to the relationship will be more difficult.
Take care of your appearance
Take care of yourself. Start to visit the gym, going to concerts and to the cinema. Indulge yourself as often as possible. If you have had a dream that you could not exercise, take care of her. You should entertain yourself a little bit to forget about the problem.
Then inadvertently you will need to meet with a former partner. Meeting it is best to do a random. It is not necessary to call and arrange a date. Most likely, your offer will be rejected.
The meeting should be a surprise
During this meeting, find a reason for rapprochement. For example, report that started a hobby that he enjoys and he. Ask for advice or assistance. Even better would be to start to visit places in which it happens, and it. You can get a job in the same company where your former partner or start attending the same clubs and restaurants.
Do not impose, any communication should bring you both joy. Try to frequently turn to him for advice. Can even invite him home to help on the farm, saying that you yourself well does not cope.
Prove that you are better. Prettier, smarter, more interesting. And in any case do not arrange scandals. When normal relations are restored, the conversation occasionally mention about how you had fun together. Flirt, compliment, and your beloved will hardly be able to resist this.
Do not impose communication former partner. Your communication with them should be easy and enjoyable.
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Learn to enjoy life without your loved one.
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