Overnight without parents - a crucial step, you should think carefully about how it is important not to rush things, you may want to wait a year, another. First you need to firmly understand: all the prohibitions of the parents just directed for the benefit of their children, even if they seemingly do not see sense. Therefore, it is worth noting what the conditions put forward relatives, in return for the provision of greater freedom.
Security. This is basically what always concerned about mom and dad and, therefore, should be the main for their child. Introduce parents with their friends, tell them which nightclub you are going or how many of you have planned your company and that is what they expect. Should definitely inform if you will be someone an adult. In General, you need to show that safety is important not only for adults.
The openness and honesty. This is important, but without! Parents will not be able to trust, feeling the innuendo in the words of a teenager. You need to inform them about the plans for the upcoming sleepover. This will in the end, much easier to get off to a disco or other event.
Responsibility. The transition to a new stage of growing up is very important - you can get more freedom and even sleep outside. But first you should learn to take responsibility for their actions. Eloquently tell your parents about growing up with their child, learned without reminders lessons and self-decorated room.
Accessibility. In our age of mobile phones is not difficult to always be connected. Nevertheless, you should know in advance, you can always call out where your company for the night. Call the parents and reduce their anxiety must.
If done correctly, the resolution for the night from parents to is quite real. The main thing then to try to keep the bonuses. And again. You always need to perform these parents promises!