Dangerous than striped beetles?

The adults arranged for the winter, climbing into the soil to a depth of 50 cm and below. As soon as the ground warms up, they rise to the surface and begin to actively proliferate. Only one female per day can lay up to 80 eggs. During the summer season the population of Colorado beetles can grow up to 200 times on a particular site.

Methods to combat the Colorado potato beetle

Prevention - the key to success

Of course, it is easier to proactively take steps to protect the future harvest, not to have problems in the future:

  • Produce treatment of planting material insecticide preparations of type "Prestige", "Taboo" or "Prestigitation". This will help to protect katriel not only against the Colorado potato beetle, and other pests, including wireworm, almost two months.

  • Before landing in each hole pour a little of the ash. Young seedlings up to 10 cm can be protected from maggots, sprinkle them with ashes. If the pest is found, collect the larvae by hand, then be sure to destroy them in kerosene or turpentine, and even easier to burn.
  • Another option to deter the Colorado potato beetle is to put in the hole before planting the peel onions or garlic.

  • In early spring you can try to make the bait for the bug spreading around the area cut potato tubers or a few buckets of potato peel. After a while the bait will gather the beetles, which need to collect and destroy.
  • In the fight against the Colorado potato beetle, you can use insecticidal decoctions of herbs and roots of plants. So, quite effective, for example, infusion of elecampane, celandine, Ceramica, black currant leaves, garlic, peppermint, tansy, decoction of wormwood, rhododendron, etc.
  • Effective tool for spraying young bushes potatoes can be made from the infusion of wormwood and ash. 200 grams of fresh grass and glass ash is poured boiling water and allowed to stand for several hours, followed by treatment. Thus the stronger the infusion the better.
  • Other means for spraying is prepared from garlic. 300 grams of garlic crushed, pour 10 liters of water, let stand for several hours. Before applying to plane 50 grams of soap, dissolve in the infusion and drain.

  • Colorado potato beetle does not like smelly plants, so plant on the edges of the potato plot, as well as, if possible, between the rows of plants with a pungent odor - calendula, marigolds, garlic, tansy, dill, Basil, coriander, beans. You can throw the beans in each hole when planting, it is a great protection for the tubers. Note that beans must be Bush, because the twisting will delay the whole plot whip shoots and drown the potatoes.
  • In small areas, a good effect gives the soil mulching. After planting potatoes on top of the soil covered with straw or hay layer of about 30 cm, it is Considered that in the spring the beetle can not get up through the pillow and dies. At the same time, under the straw actively breed insects that destroy the Colorado potato beetle.

How to destroy the Colorado potato beetle

  • Treat phase 4% solution of chicken manure after harvest.
  • Throughout the season pollinate the bushes with ash through a sieve, just over the summer 3-4 times.
  • Spray the potatoes soap-ash solution. It is prepared at the rate of 1 kg of ash in a bucket of water. Boil the solution for 15 minutes, then add a piece of soap, grated using a grater. Add another bucket of water, stir, strain and handle the landing.
  • Prepare a solution of baking soda and vinegar. To do this in a bucket of water, spread half a bottle of vinegar and 100 grams of soda. Immediately spray the potatoes.
  • Detrimental effect on the beetle and the larvae of the urea solution at the rate of 100 grams per bucket of water. In this case, the plants will get a foliar fertilizer, the bugs will die.