To assemble the truffles, you need to have special training and great care. Each mushroom grows separately from the others, usually near the roots of trees.

To under the ground to find mushrooms, used dogs, specially trained, or pigs, which are very sensitive to smells. While animals are trained not just to find the fungus, but also to dig it up so as not to damage the integrity.

Already at the preparation stage to harvest takes a lot of effort, for example, to work with animals, which naturally affects the cost of the final product.

Another determining factor is the high price this mushroom is the fact that it is impossible to obtain in any other way. Breeders are still trying breeding the truffles artificially so, but a satisfactory result is still not obtained.

The season of gathering of mushrooms is quite short. Black truffles are harvested from November to March, and the white is from October to December.

The most valuable fresh truffles. In the season of gathering of mushrooms restaurateurs offer their guests a special menu that includes many dishes using truffles.

Gourmets all over the world agree that there are few products that can match with the truffle. Love them for special exquisite flavor and unusual taste.