You will need
  • - a specially trained dog or pig;
  • - picture of truffles.
The mycelium of the truffle is a component of the mycorrhizae of the roots of trees. So look for them near large oaks or birches. Truffles, like other mushrooms, forming a so-called "witches rings", i.e. rings of the fruiting bodies, which surround the root system of the host. If you do not destroy the mycelium, mushrooms, each fruit body will become more and more. The truffle grows in dry places. Of the tree species prefers alder, oak, birch, hazel.
To search for truffles specially trained dogs or pigs. In France, for example, the pigs begin to teach from the age of four months, and then it "works" for a decade. But to find truffles without the help of animals. Find a picture of a truffle, because we need to know exactly what to look for. Truffle is similar in appearance to potato tuber small size, with a rough surface. Eyes on him, of course not, and the color scheme ranges from white to black. To the touch it is hard.
Truffles, like all mushrooms, are found in permanent locations. Mature fruiting body of the fungus appears on the surface and can just lie on the ground. To dig it is not necessary. It also may be half-rose out of the earth and other fruiting bodies. It is easy to determine over the bumps of the earth. The bumps are a bit like wormholes. These mushrooms almost never occur singly. If you find one mushroom, look for next 5-6 pieces.
After heavy rains it is possible to detect rolled out of the land of truffle on the slopes of hills covered with large trees, or in gullies. They can be found on the surface and after a strong wind. You need to consider that truffles prefer sandy and other loose soils. In particular, they like soil with lime content.
Point to the "field" can of truffle flies. They lay their eggs in the ground next to these mushrooms. Truffles they feed their larvae. So if you see near the tree yellowish Roy, you can expect to find immediately and mushrooms.