General guidelines for using truffle oil

Real truffle oil or artificially flavored is always a seasoning with an intense flavor and aroma. It is used literally drop by drop. If you consider that oil with noble truffle can cost around several thousand rubles for 100 milliliters, it is not surprising.

Oil with so-called natural flavors − a little cheaper, but the taste and aroma of it even richer. While the beauty of truffle oil is evaporated by heat treatment, therefore use it solely for the purpose of flavoring variety of dishes. If you want to add this oil into the hot dish, it is infused into a ready dish.

Oil with noble truffle is also extremely volatile. It not only does not store well, and season them something immediately before serving.

Truffle oil is well suited to dishes of their own taste and flavor is not subtle and delicate or bright and intense. In the first case, the truffles will destroy the natural smell of the ingredients, and the second will turn out culinary disharmony of competing flavors. Well suited truffle oil to dishes of potatoes, rice, pasta, eggs. Goes well with fish, meat and vegetable salads. Surprisingly, truffle oil suited to dishes of... truffles. In summer, these noble mushrooms have a less intense flavor, and some chefs don't see anything wrong with just "refresh" it. Naturally, for this purpose, use only natural oil.

What dishes add truffle oil

Cook with truffle oil famous salad vinaigrette sauce by mixing olive oil, vinegar, salt, mustard and pepper. Allow the dressing to infuse, and before the use of drip oil with truffle aroma.

Drizzle with truffle oil mashed potatoes, polenta or risotto for a few seconds before serving. Add a drop of oil on the "white" pizza.

Many people believe that eggs and truffle oil just made for each other. Use truffle oil to give new nuances of taste and aroma of fried eggs, omelettes, eggs Benedict and similar dishes.

Truffle oil goes well with boiled steamed vegetables. A drop of the oil completely transform a familiar taste of asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, corn. Irrigate fragrant oil puree of starchy root vegetables, pumpkins, and mushrooms.

Suitable truffle oil to steaks of fish, beef, lamb. An excellent complement this fragrant oil carpaccio of fresh beef.

Amazingly, precious truffles perfect for simple dishes such as popcorn, potato chips and French fries.