You will need
  • - installation disk;
  • disk Live CD.
Remember that the specific version of the reinstall depends on the nature of the problem you are having. If the OS is not loaded at all and it fails to restore via pressing F8 at startup, reinstalling should be run from the installation disk. If the OS is loaded and you want to keep installed programs and settings, but get rid of the errors of the system, choose the installation over the old copy of Windows.
Save your important files, if you put the OS directly from the installation disk. If it is impossible to upload already exist in the computer, use the OS to save files to the Live CD, this disc can be downloaded online. Downloading with a temporary copy of Windows you can save important information – in particular, the files from the folder "My documents".
Prior to installing a fresh copy of Windows format designed for her section. It is convenient to use Acronis Disk Director. You can format a partition by booting Windows with the Live CD. Use full format and not clearing the headers. If you do not follow the formatting problems may arise during installation. In particular, the computer may hang after the first reboot.
To start the OS installation from the CD-ROM drive, click when you start the PC F12 key will open the boot menu. In it, select boot from CD. If your PC is not called menu, select the CD drive in the BIOS as the primary boot device. To enter the BIOS, usually press Del when the computer starts, but keyboard shortcuts can be different. If you changed the settings in the BIOS, then immediately after the first reboot during the installation process, return as the primary source of the hard disk.
Watch for messages that appear during the installation process. You will be asked to choose language, time zone, partition to install the OS. This will start the actual Windows installation. In its course the computer will restart multiple times. After installation you will see welcome screen of Windows.
Don't forget that some devices may require additional installation drivers, for example video cards, printer, network card, etc. If you do not have these drivers in advance pobespokoytes about how to find them online and download.
Use the reinstall in upgrade mode if you want to keep already installed programs and settings. To do this, boot the existing copy of Windows, insert it in the CD drive of the installation disk and select the menu installation of the OS. Next, select the installation mode upgrade. The computer restarts, further installation will proceed automatically.
Remember, the upgrade is only possible with the installation of the same OS. If you put for example Windows 7 after Windows XP, only new installation. While Windows 7 will retain all your previous data in a separate folder.