You will need
  • - an electric stove;
  • - housing;
  • - motherboard;
  • - solder.
Make the stove with his hands to perform the heating of the southern bridgeand in the home. To do this, use two bricks with groove for the spiral. They need to compress a steel casing with a thickness of half a millimeter, the legs should be height about eighteen inches.
Make an open spiral with a capacity of 2 kW. Do not install the spiral regulator. If the stove is the regulator, empirically choose its position so that the temperature gradually reached one hundred and eighty degrees for one to two minutes.
Cut a sheet of iron with a thickness of half a millimeter; the size should match the plate size, so they can cover the spiral in the warm-up time South of the bridge. Take the two frame from the system units and the sheet metal, where the motherboard is fixed. Usually it is done with holes.
Screw on the sheet of the system unit the motherboard to accidentally took. Then cover the extra hole with sheet metal. Wipaire from the motherboard lead electrolytes. Under the southern bridge put from the syringe sportkanal, lay it over the plate at a distance of about fourteen inches. This distance will ensure uniform heating of the southern bridge. Then warm for about five minutes until it boils flux.
Put the motherboard on a sheet of white paper, then turn off the oven in a few minutes, add more flux to continue to warm the South bridge. Turn on and warm at the same distance in about eight minutes, then turn down to a distance of ten centimeters.
In a few minutes the melting of the solder joint under the bridgeOhm, poke a needle axle in different directions, knock the top off and wait about forty minutes for it to cool down. If the bridge during the warm-up is lifted, put on it something like coins.