We grow vegetables for your meals and billets, so the water for irrigation must be clean, not contaminated "chemistry" and to have the desired temperature.

What water is the most useful?

Undoubtedly natural. Rain, river, water, oxygen-rich, soft, with a slightly acid reaction - it is very necessary to plants.

Water what temperature should water the vegetables?

Equally important to water plants is the water temperature. Water temperatures around 18...20 ° C is suitable for most vegetables. This group includes such popular culture as: cabbage, radishes, lettuce and greens, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beets, carrots.

More picky about warm, warmed by the sun water, pumpkin and melons. It's cucumbers, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, melons. They need the water, having a temperature of more than 21...22, so-called "summer" temperature. The best is water with a temperature of about 25C. Watering in the cool weather of vegetables is generally not recommended. Prolonged cool weather these vegetables it is better to water by the "loosening" of the soil. Breathable soil provides good oxygen to the roots and plants can do some time without watering.

Water from public networks vodopada usually chlorinated, and many vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, beans) do not respond well to such water. Chlorinated water need to be defended in open tanks for weathering of chlorine.

Is it possible to water the vegetables with water from a well or wells?

There is a perception that such water is the most clean and useful. No doubt. Water is filtered through deep layers of the earth. But even from a 5-metre depth, this water is not suitable for watering vegetables. After all, its summer temperature is about 5...6 degrees. Cold water is a shock to the plants. Watering with cold water causes root diseases. Even passing through the layer of soil in the beds, it is moderately warm enough for irrigation, and plants such watering will not like.

In addition, often water from wells or wells contains an excess of various salts, such as iron. "Glandular" water, some stood, "rufous;". Such a culture, like cabbage, can not tolerate excessive content of iron in water and also does not like cold irrigation. The water pump in the tank and warm that its temperature differed from air temperature.