How to use soap

The soap is a lye. Soap water solution is alkali, which is itself useful for plants substances does not. If you pour soapy water on the soil, and even in large amounts, can burn roots and kill plants. That is, the soapy water truck crops is not only unnecessary, but harmful.

But soap is an indispensable means of dealing with many plant diseases and garden pests-garden. Only need to prepare a special solution of 40 g grated grated soap, which is diluted in 10 liters of water. This solution should not be watered and spray the leaves of vegetable plants after watering in the early growing season to the period of fruiting. This is done to get rid of many misfortunes.


A solution of hot pepper with soap gets rid of slugs. 100 g raw or 50 g of dried hot peppers you need to fill a liter of water, leave for two days, and then boil for an hour and cool. A half-liter of the resulting solution may be added to the bucket of soapy water and spray the garden early morning or late evening.

A decoction of yarrow with soap helps to get rid of cruciferous bugs. 800 g of dry grass, yarrow poured a bucket of water and boiled for half an hour. Then the broth is filtered, it is diluted with 40 g of soap, and processed (sprayed) infected plants.

The solution of soap with the addition of 100 g of ash (for 10 liters of solution) is an effective tool for getting rid of of cruciferous flea beetles.

From carrot moth helps the decoction of the tops of the tomatoes with soap. 3.5 kg of foliage finely cut and poured with a bucket of boiling water. All this is infused for two days, added the soap. The product is for spraying.

Spider mite afraid of soap solution in combination with tincture of black henbane. 500 g of leaves of henbane is poured into a bucket of water and infuse 12 hours. Then add 40 grams of household soap. This tool is very toxic, to spray, they need pinpoint places where spider mite, observing the measures of personal protection.

From aphids eliminates the infusion bitterling creeping with soap and water. 1 kg of dry grass poured a bucket of hot water and infused for 48 hours. Then the infusion is added 40 g of soap. The tool is also toxic and needs to be treated with caution.

All solutions, including soap, should be applied to the leaves and stems of plants after watering. It is desirable that they do not fall on the ground, the more you should not shed them at the root of the plant buckets. Processing garden from pests with a solution of soap can be carried out not more than three times per season.