Note the different mode of irrigation, which requires early vegetable crops in the growing season. Beets and carrots require a good watering at the time when they begin to fill the roots. Cabbage watering profusely in the company of tying of head. Potatoes are mostly in need of water at the time of flowering. Onions and garlic, on the contrary, prefer to grow in dry soil (when it rains cover film in order to avoid rotting and damage to the heads).
It should be noted that to water the vegetables need an early morning or evening, when the sun begins to go. The water should be saturated with oxygen, warm, aged in tanks (in any case, avoid watering with cold water, the plants will receive stress, and will slow in growth). Count the amount of moisture for watering, the water should soak the soil to a depth of fifteen to twenty centimeters.
The potato crop is completely dependent on the correct preparation of the seed material. Carefully sort through the tubers, remove the damaged, cracked and rotted tubers. Selected potatoes carefully wash and dry it bulk in a cool, dry place, where the tubers will sprouts. Even in autumn, prepare the site for planting potatoes, the best precursors – cucumbers, cabbage, beets or carrots. Take chicken manure compost and scatter on the selected location (based on two to three kilograms per square meter). In early may can produce a planting of vegetables. Do not forget to Spud, to loosen the earth and abundantly watered.
To grow a good crop of tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and sweet peppers, fertilize them two to three times a month with a solution mullein to which you should add wood ash (one hundred grams of ash in a bucket of mullein). In the beginning of fruiting these vegetables require abundant watering. When there is insufficient hydration, vegetables can lose of ovaries and buds.
To obtain a rich harvest of pumpkins is not possible without the right high-quality of formation lashes. When the first of the ovary, leave only three or four of the fetus, and the side cut of the whip. Pinch fruiting branches, leave the ovaries after just a few sheets. It was during this period pumpkin needs abundant watering and fertilizing.