Before heading to the store for a swimsuit and dive into a riot of colors, decide why you need a swimsuit.Swimsuitfor a beach holiday, swim in the pool, - fitness classes are selected according to different criteria.For the rest of the sea need a bright swimsuit that will accentuate a tan flattering and while most will hide defects.When choosing a swimsuit, pay attention to the characteristics of the body.If you have a perfect figure, you can choose the swimsuit that you like. If the figure is imperfect, approach more carefully.In order to visually enlarge the Breasts, choose a model with push-up effect padded cups, underwire. If the bikini top is bright and the bottom dark, it moves the focus on the chest.If the Breasts are large, choose a swimsuit for wide straps, underwire to support the Breasts. If the bikini top is V-neck, dark - it will visually reduce the breast.If the figure is complete, should not choose the bathing suits of shiny fabric, very colorful, bright. Please note swimwear neutral colors from a matte fabric. If such a swimsuit will wide straps, they will visually correct the shape.
Swimsuit for swimming in the pool should be as comfortable for you and not to annoy other visitors. Therefore, it needs to be closed, mostly dark colors, no frills, skirts and rhinestones.In a swimsuit for swimming the body should be as streamlined as possible - only then you will be comfortable in it training.Make sure that the swimsuit never pressed, not cut into the body - you may not be able to exercise if there is discomfort.
Choosing a swimsuit for water aerobics, pay attention to how it sits on the chest. In contrast to ordinary swimming, water aerobics will have to jump, bend, etc. So make sure that the swimsuit is well supported Breasts.