How to remove the case from metal or plastic

Metal and plastic cell phone cases, generally not create any problems for its owner. Enough from time to time to wipe the case with a damp cloth.

If the case has not been cleaned for a long time and it formed a coating – it can be easily rubbed away with wet wipes for hands or household wipes for metal or electronics, they can do "zakhvachennymi" surfaces. You can use to clean these covers and cotton swab dipped in ammonia solution or vodka.

Than to wash leather phone case

Leather phone covers are also clean with a damp cloth or soft sponge dampened with water or a mild soap solution and well wrung out. If skin has formed, the spots of ink, or the case color of clothes – treat the soiled areas with a cotton pad, wait a few minutes and wipe with a damp sponge.

In order to wash the white cover from the skin, you can go to the old folk remedy is to RUB skin milk. If the dirt is ingrained into the skin – you can whiten your case, mixing a half glass of milk with raw egg white. Apply the resulting composition on the skin and dry it out. Also to care for a white phone case can be purchased in a Shoe store specialized tools for cleaning leather shoes white.

How to wash silicone case from the phone

Silicone covers are washed in warm water with any neutral soap (household or toilet). This can be done with a soft, delicate sponge. Jetskie brush and the more aggressive products for cleaning the silicone is contraindicated – it can permanently damage the surface and restore the appearance of the cover will be impossible.

After washing silicone case should be properly rinsed with clean water and wipe dry with a dry cloth.

Wash silicone cell phone cases it regularly. If mud has time to eat into the surface – to clean it completely is unlikely.

How to clean brand cases for iPhone

To clean the brand of iPhone Apple representatives is recommended to wipe the exterior and interior of the case with a slightly moistened soft, lint free cloth. Any detergents and solvents to use is not highly recommended.

Apple made of aniline leather, you can also wash with mild soap in warm water, then wipe with a dry and clean cloth.