A small contamination with artificial leather can be deduced with a solution of ammonia or an ordinary detergent. For this a soft cloth or a sponge wet in the solution and clean the contaminated area. After that the artificial skin need to dry, as water may damage the surface.
To prevent the appearance of stains and dirt on the artificial leather after every cleaning, lubricate the surface of the special dirt - and water repellent. These drugs you can buy in specialized stores, just be careful, be sure to read the instructions for use.
Remember: artificial skin in any case can not be cleaned with products containing bleach. And not allowed to iron the texture.
Briefcases and handbags faux leather clean with the cleaning solution. For this, a soft sponge or cotton swab soak in the detergent for synthetic fabrics. Please note: the solution temperature should be around 30-40 degrees. Clean your product, avoiding wetting the reverse side. Balance clean with a damp cloth. Upon completion of the procedure the appliance wipe with a dry cotton cloth.
To give the artificial skin Shine, clean it with a special sponge with a silicone impregnation. Today in stores represented a large variety of such tools for different textures of fabric and leather. They are easy to use, and for little money you will update your product.
For removing stubborn dirt or grease stains with imitation leather, use a special stain remover or take the item to the dry cleaners, where experienced specialists will help to cope with your problem.