You will need
  • - banknotes of any value
  • photo album
  • - crassula or money tree
  • - candy, candy wrappers
  • - suitcase
  • - chest
Let's start with simple ways. To give money in a photo album, arranging them instead of photos. All you need to buy any photo album and fill it with bills. If bills are not enough, it is possible to add the album pictures, cards, greetings, wishes.
The second simple way to give money is to package them in a simple jar and decorate as you like: with label and without it. The Bank may be of any size, it all depends on the present amount. You can roll the jar a simple metal cover, canvas cloth, tied with ribbon or twine.
Original to give the money, "lost" them among other gifts. For example, to buy a suitable trunk or box, and fill them with "jewels" and at the bottom put a gift in the form of bills. Filling the chest can be chocolate coins, how coins are mixed with costume jewelry.
Original way to give money for a sweet tooth too, just to wrap rolled into a tube banknote wrappers from candy, you can mix these candies with a "fake" and present either in a beautiful box of sweets or a bowl.
Rarely, but still sometimes the question may arise, how to donate money for the wedding. In this case, the amount of the gift is sure to be more than a birthday, so there is a place to get fancy. Original way to give money is to make young money rain. All you need is an umbrella. Its spokes are attached to the bills. You need to ask the Bridal couple to open a gift, and then all attendees can watch the beautiful "rain".
To give money for a wedding cash gift, which can be independently manufactured and can be ordered and professionally decorated.
The dream of many – a suitcase of money to look this original monetary gift is just amazing. The suitcase, of course, too much, you can take the diplomat. Need to print a large number of notes on printer, to assemble the pack, and on top of piles will be based on real banknotes.
Another original way to give money is to stick them on the branches of a house plant, only to do it very carefully so as not to cause flower injury. Would make a real money tree. Will be very good, if a plant, to which is attached the money, is crassula so called money tree.
The original packaging bill can become matryoshka. From the entire set should remove the smallest and instead put a gift. This is another way to give money for the birthday.
In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, it is appropriate to give money for the New year. To do this, from notes constructed herringbone, size, shape and degree of complexity of creation depend only on the skill of the giver, and of the desires in addition to money to invest in a gift fraction of the time.