The size of the gift amount

When making decisions regarding the gift amount should not be equal to others. You need to proceed on your own financial situation. Guests even walk on the same celebration, but the income they have can be quite different.

The size of the gift in some measure depends on the degree of kinship with the young. It is clear that parents will give a large sum of money than former classmates. So take someone with an example makes no sense.

Neighbors, colleagues and other very close people can calculate the size of the monetary gift in this way. The cost of one Banquet place is multiplied by two. The figure obtained, reasonable on the one hand, and not allowing a blush to the feast. In the case of a difficult financial situation it is possible to allocate an approximate amount of money for one Banquet place.
Not to be ashamed to give a small amount of money, you can team up with someone of the friends and give a joint, larger, gift. Alternatively, it is possible to give not one bill but several.

Close friends can shell out one large bill. It can be 100 dollars, 100 euros or 5000 rubles. If you want you can give the money in more exotic currencies, but their exchange with the young can be difficult. Therefore, it is better to stay on the above. So they definitely come in handy in any situation.

Relatives of the newlyweds can give a big bill or whatever. A wedding, ideally, happens once in a lifetime, why skimp on a gift for the bride and groom should not be. Mostly it is refers to brothers, sisters, grandparents and other close relatives.

Parents who have decided to make a gift to their children to the wedding in the form of money, unable to present any maximum amount possible. Many moms and dads on both sides provide material assistance in the organization of celebrations, so expect them to present a cosmic scale is not very nice. The approximate size of the gift is equal to 50 000 and above.
Most parents make the wedding gifts in the form of vouchers for holidays, house keys, car and the like.

How to present a cash gift

It is undesirable to give wedding gifts in a white envelope. Best buy special envelopes for money, similar to greeting cards. They already have wishes to the newlyweds who on the feast need to be read during the presentation. The envelope can be done independently, occupying it with a joint photo of the newlyweds. This can be an unexpected surprise for the couple.

The money can be presented in a beautiful box, tied with a ribbon. It can make your hands or buy ready-made. The mere sight of korobushka will cause a fountain of emotions. The gift can be put in a soft toy, for example in the bag-the pocket of a kangaroo. You can put it in the trunk and covered with rose petals. Such moments can give additional pleasant emotions young.

No matter what size or material was made a gift to the bride and groom, as long as it was from the heart. This is significant for a couple day more important is the General atmosphere of the occasion.