1. Don't get drunk. Generally, schools strongly oppose alcoholic beverages when the celebration is planned within the walls of educational institutions. However, the restaurant and other entertainment facilities cannot guarantee the "dry law". Young people are not able to control the amount of alcohol consumed, the result may come hard hangover and even poisoning.

Tip: eliminate alcohol from the diet or limit yourself to 1-2 glasses of light alcoholic beverages: champagne, wine, etc. alcohol Drink clean water and drinking tightly, then problems with overdose will not happen.

2. Do not hold a grudge. It often happens that many are waiting for prom to finally Express all claims boring to the teacher or to take revenge on someone from my high school. Blow off some steam before the holiday: tear photos, popinat a punching bag, etc. if you so desire. To spoil relations with people, hoping that you never see, is not: the fate of the controversial, and the people you said nasty things spur of the moment, you can still be useful.

3. Do not make romantic plans. To lose their virginity on prom night is one of the silliest errors of youth. So as not to regret the past, look to love more appropriate place and time.


4. Not sneaking out of the house. After the official celebration, along with parents of teenagers in a hurry to retire the company have someone at the cottage, etc. To graduation did not end in the morning, held in a police station, make sure that the cottage actually belongs to a classmate, and don't forget to warn parents where you are going and what time coming home.

5. Do not linger at the table. Inability to dance or shyness is not a reason to deny myself the pleasure. Remember that other such nights! And who will look specifically for you in the twilight, when having fun in a crowd? Tell yourself: "This is my night. I will succeed!" and head to the dance floor. For the full confidence it is possible in advance to attend dance classes.