How to choose jeans for fat women

When choosing summer pants for women with curvaceous, it is essential to pay attention to the fabric from which to sew one or the other model. It is important that the material was not brilliant, as women's pants for the fuller figure, made from it, will do visually wider silhouette. The best option – models made of thin denim or cotton.

To determine the optimal length of the pants, you need to focus on the lower leg. With full thighs should not give preference to crop models it is best to choose trousers free cut length to the floor. Owners of fine toned calves stylists recommend not to be limited to traditional pants and to try to create a set of tunic and breeches.

Брюки для полных дам

As for color, you should not limit yourself by purchasing shirts in boring dark colors, especially in summer, such models will be very uncomfortable. White, Burgundy, blue pants would look great on a full figure, especially when you combine it with light tunics and dressy tops, matching color. Look great models, made from fabric with vertical stripes, they visually lengthen legs and make the silhouette sleeker.

Модные брюки для полных

Fashion styles of blouses for fat women

Summer pants for fat ladies ' can be a variety of shapes, they should choose depending on the shape type. For example, women with the figure of "hourglass" fit tapered trousers to complete, and the owners of wide hips better to choose the model in which the flare starts from the hip.

Pants bananas for full ladies many fat women, it is in vain to reject, because this style gives the figure of lightness and sophistication. These pants have a loose top and narrower bottom, and the length comes to the ankle.

летние брюки для полных,

Flared pants is also a very good option for summer. Flared womens pants large size should tightly cover the thighs and fall down, starting from the mid-thigh or from the knee. Do not forget that the length of classic cut trousers must reach the middle of the heel.

Ladies with curvaceous certainly need to have in your closet pants-pipes that make the figure visually slimmer, perfectly concealing the extra volume, especially since these pants will be perfect for festive events and for everyday wear. Pipes are perfectly blended with the spacious and light cardigans tunics in airy, flowing fabrics.

Don't forget that the most advantageous pants for larger women combined with high-heeled shoes. It is not necessary to wear shoes with precarious heels. Even the common platform will add to the silhouette of harmony and lightness.