Advice 1: To fit pants high waist

Trousers with high waist are very popular today. A fashion trend does not leave the catwalks for several seasons, offering the girls to look sexy and impressive. However, these pants are very capricious. Selecting, critically take its shape.
To fit pants high waist

High-waisted: how to find the trend on the figure

With a high waist produces a lot of pants. You can see the classic silhouette with narrow-leg, bell bottom. Also very popular high-waisted jeans. These pants help to give the mood of your outfit, make it elegant and memorable.
The high-waisted pants can be both casual and formal. Nice looking model of a light fabric with wide flowing legs. Every day, choose a simple straight or skinny pants.

Unusual cut trousers suited to many girls. The main thing – correctly to define the style. For example, a narrow tall pants should prefer the slender beauties of any growth. Larger models will sit on girls with slightly plump thighs, competently hiding the problematic place.

Stylists recommend to pay attention to fashion trend for girls and women with figures of the type "hourglass", "triangle". You'd look good with trousers of almost any cut. This style will highlight/will form a beautiful waist line and elongate the legs. Carefully follow the fashion have girls with the figure "Apple". The wrong trousers much will spoil the appearance, stressing the lack of waist and tummy.

Right approach to the choice of "their" fashion pants. A belt of such models should end at the narrowest area of the abdomen – exactly at the waist. If you have a small tummy, pay attention to trousers with a camisole top or a belt-corset. When buying, try on plenty of options to choose the best pants with a high rise.

Most importantly – keep proportions

Trousers with high waistline fancy and a bit whimsical. They can create a beautiful silhouette, and to make the figure disharmonious. To avoid the latter will help you the right combination of trendy trend.

Skinny jeans, high-waisted wear with a simple t-shirts and t-shirts tucked inside. If you are happy owner of long legs, as the shoes can afford flats, sneakers or comfortable sandals. Competitive beauties need to compensate for your height, adding a few inches with heels or platforms.
Tall pants – very self-sufficient element of the wardrobe. They should be the main thing in the ensemble. Putting on trend, avoid the odd inappropriate accessories. For example, facelifts, large bracelets, rings.

Wide tall pants mix and match with classic shirts. On top wear a jacket or small cardigan. Well, if the color is the same as the one of the elements – this will create a single image and a little added height.

Most suitable high pants accessories stylists called medium and wide sized straps and also modest jewelry. Note the long chains and necklaces: they will help "pull" the silhouette. Also beautiful additions to the image will be a narrow scarf and dark glasses in a retro style.

Advice 2: What to wear with high-waisted pants

A misconception that high-waisted pants can afford only slim girls. With proper choice of the model and compiling a set of trousers with high waist can also hide the fullness of the hips.
What to wear with high-waisted pants
The high-waisted pants should be chosen very carefully. They are able to completely transform the appearance of the woman as to the best, and worst, if you wear the wrong model.

What pants to choose

The main rule when selecting high-waisted trousers – they should ideally sit on the figure. No unnecessary folds and toporovskaya tissue. Side pockets give extra volume, it is better to avoid women.

Slender girls can afford tapered model, these pants will make your legs longer and flatter. Girls with full hips can look at the models boxy, they accentuate the waist and hide flaws.

If you want to buy the high-waisted trousers, but the protruding belly is your problem, wear spanx. It will hide the extra volume.

What to wear overpriced pants

Classic high-waisted trousers will fit well with the office dress code. You can wear them with a blouse, shirt or a thin turtleneck sweater, emphasizing the waist belt. On top appropriate to wear a short jacket or cardigan.

Transparent romantic blouse or a sporty cut tops also go well with these pants. In cool weather, you can wear a sweater or vest. Boleros, capes and trench coats may also be used as outerwear.

Pants, the top of which is made in the shape of a corset, you can add suspenders. In combination with the tie will get a playful touch.

In the coming season in fashion will be the high-waisted pants, made of leather. The romantic feel you get when you wear this with an oversized blouse or shirt. As with leather trousers of black color, you can create a biker look, adding a t-shirt and chunky boots.

Pants velour, velvet and satin is a chic option for the evening. Such a thing need to complement accessories and ornaments.

Festive set obtained when a combination of wide pants and bandeau top. At the waist, wear a wide leather belt, and neck to a solid metal choker collar.

For summer suitable light flowing trousers of silk, chiffon, etc. to Combine them better with a light blouse or top and as a decoration you can use long earrings or a fun brooch.

Wearing high-waisted trousers, do not neglect the belt. It can be wide or narrow – whatever. Shoes is better to choose a heel, platform or wedge heels. Flat shoes are suitable only slim girls tall.

Advice 3: What to wear with pants 7/8

Pants 7/8 more famous women called Capri. From other types of pants they are distinguished by their length - they are a little do not reach the ankles, but not visually reduce growth, and increase its beneficial. The image turned out stylish, you need to know how and what to wear with cropped and tapered pants 7/8.
What to wear with pants 7/8

The 7/8-length trousers should be made of natural fabrics and should not drag on. Typically, the waist of these trousers understated, but you can find original design solutions with very low waist or high. The color and texture of the pants can be very diverse, so you can find an option for everyone, perhaps that is why this model of trousers can be seen on Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy, but these beauties were distinguished by impeccable taste.

Women's pants 7/8: what to wear?

Very stylish these pants look great with tops or light sweaters. It is permissible to fill them into pants.

Short leather jackets or jackets is the perfect option, especially for the time of year when the weather can suddenly deteriorate. The jacket color depends on the color of pants: bright or colored bottom requires a top in neutral tones and muted the bottom is best combined with bright top.

If closet was added warm pants tweed, it is safe to complement a winter coat and ankle boots or ankle boots. Coat it is advisable to choose a trapezoidal and wide.

If the waist there is a small number of extra inches to hide them you can use the tunic or jacket that with short trousers look very feminine and elegant.

Bold girls can experiment and choose the way in which the trousers 7/8 will be combined with a top with an oversized bow, a jacket the color of the pants, the hat-fedoras and gloves.

7/8 trousers: which shoes to choose?

Capri is versatile in that they can be combined with high-heeled shoes, and shoes to go low. For a comfortable walk perfect ballet flats, moccasins, loafers, sneakers or brogues. And to create a refined and elegant images you will need sandals, shoes, ankle boots with heels or platform. The legs seemed visually very long, the shoes can choose the skin color.


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