Do not look for the root cause of infidelity of your husband. Often to understand it is almost impossible for a rational management in the act, almost none. You will only be hell on your nerves and will further undermine the institution of marriage.
What to do if you have changed? The first thing is not to lose his dignity. Ask your spouse about how he's going to restore confidence. After all, in the first place in a relationship trust in marriage, on it are based all the other precepts. We need to restore the lost trust, and only then to move on, to keep the marriage.
How to forgive a cheating? You need to stop sitting in one place and think that time will heal your soul. If you want to save your marriage, then you need on it to work hard. One of the best solutions is to visit a psychologist in family matters. It is common that spouses begin to temporarily sleep in separate beds and rooms, which is at the moment a positive solution.
How to forgive your husband? Decide for yourself that this person is still important to you? Even if feelings to the spouse still left, you will need time to work things out in his soul. After a while, if you both will correct the mistakes of marriage, you will realize that you are ready to forgive a cheating husband. After adultery, the husband, if he loves you, will understand what he did and is trying to fix everything.