You changed favorite. You already know exactly what happened. Your first reaction is resentment. You ready to end the relationship, it seems that it is impossible to forgive a traitor. However, after a while you start to think more wisely, and that you don't want to part with your beloved. How to wrest it from the grasping hands of the opponent? An important step is to collect the necessary information about the home wrecker. Try to learn everything about her. The more dirt, the better the chance to win back your man.

You'd be wise to try to objectively assess the competition. No need to lie to yourself and convince yourself that although she is ten years younger than you, but looks worse. Argue sensibly.

Now it's time to assess her intellectual abilities. If she's so stupid, it could play in your favor, but on condition that your sweetheart prefers educated and intelligent women that have something to talk about. Again, if the opponent is smarter than your loved one, then it too will not last long.

Try to find out what fears your opponent. On her weaknesses can be played.

If you knew about the affair of your loved one, try not to roll his scenes. It is very difficult, but the impulse in this issue can turn against you. In a fit of anger can be so superfluous to tell a story and to move away from a loved one so that to return the old relationship will be impossible. It is important to understand what you wanted your favorite to find in a relationship on the side. Maybe he just succumbed to a moment of weakness and cheated on you by accident. Don't be absurd, don't push him into the arms of the opponent with their reckless actions.

Gather dirt on the other woman. Find out more about her personal life. If you ask for, in the age of the Internet make it easy enough. Now you can gently tell your beloved about that with whom he is cheating you. However, here too it is important not to overdo it and in any case do not start to write about rival stories. Just enough to arouse in his soul a doubt of the sincerity of his new passion. Often this is already enough to spoil his novel on the side.

To return a loved one and be rid of her rival, we must have patience and composure. Find out about her financial situation. If your favorite contains it, it can be very easy to block cash flows. Believe me, it is very effective on the fight against rival in love. Generally, if financial aid is terminated, then such women are looking for other sources of additional income.

Find out about her hobby. By the way, this is very dangerous, if your loved one and a rival bonded over common interests, whether it's work or hobby. Think maybe it's time more interested in the Affairs of your beloved and participate in his life.

Want to know when rivals birthday. On this day, do everything you can to keep your loved one home. You can even pretend to be sick to upset this event. Believe me, if your man cannot escape the day of her birth, it will cause their relationship some serious damage. The competitor will definitely give him a scandal.

What not to do in any case, if your favorite changes

If you have children, then don't bring them to your disassembly. Not blackmail traitor children. Such actions you just call him disgust and anger, and the children should feel sorry and not to hurt their fragile psyche.

Don't call the mistress of your loved one. This is a major mistake. You think after talking with you and she'd move to another town or just throw on your husband. It will tell your man that you reign terror over those. In addition, it can still embellish the situation so that you will look like a fury, and she is an innocent lamb. Believe me, the opponent is just waiting, when you start to take it seriously and pay attention to her presence in your life. To beg the mistress to leave your man is not worth it – waste of time.

The betrayal of a loved one is difficult to bear, especially when he suddenly gets a permanent relationship on the side. However, nothing in this world happens for a reason, think, perhaps, you gave him a reason to look for love on the side.

Treat the situation with extreme caution, do not run immediately to create a scandal, cool down and start to act very calmly. Of course, if you decide to return your loved one, instead of leaving it next to your opponent — now let her suffer.