Whether to forgive infidelity?

Family psychologists say that it all depends on how the woman perceives the situation and the role in it of her husband. If it he is a traitor who committed the heinous act, then the relationship is doomed. But if a woman's husband - a native man who has stumbled, wrong, confused, to accept and to forgive the betrayal of her will be much easier. Of course, the man's behavior in this case is of great importance. If he wants to save the relationship and he regrets what happened, then there is the likelihood that a woman will decide to divorce not to bring.

How to establish a relationship after infidelity

Let's look at some tips that will help to facilitate the restoration of relations after the fact of treason. First of all, you need to calmly and without hysteria to talk to my husband, try to figure out the circumstances that prompted him to change his opinion on the situation. If his repentance seems sincere, and he is ready to promise to do so no longer, you can try to forgive him. Sometimes a good solution is the solution some time to live separately. In this case, the couple appears a lot of time thinking about what happened, and also it is possible that they will have time to miss each other and understand how important family is.

In this difficult period the woman should do something that's always fascinated, but as they say, hands did not reach. Embroidery, fitness, dance - the choice of hobby is huge and the benefits are tangible: you can open new talents and opportunities, to escape from the sad thoughts.

In any case, we should not forget about yourself. Hair, manicure, pedicure, makeup, new wardrobe - it will lift the spirits and allow you to fall in love with yourself, to feel its appeal and beauty.

How to save your marriage

Having once the decision to keep the family together, in any case can not remind the husband about his offense. Yes, to erase the bad moment is almost impossible, but seeing the desire of the husband to return the relationship back on track, you need to try to do so. Only time, so it's best to be patient and hope for the best. The main advice that psychologists give is not to stay alone and to remember that life goes on, and even if the man is still not around, there are many other ways to feel happy.