You will need
  • - groats millet 1 Cup;
  • - 2 cups of water;
  • - milk 2 cups;
  • salt 1 tsp;
  • - sugar to taste;
  • - butter to taste.
Thoroughly rinse the groats until transparent. Fall asleep in a saucepan and pour two cups of water. Cook on high heat.
Once the water is boiling, diminish the fire to a minimum and open the lid. The water should evaporate.
Millet cereal has become my favorite after I tried it in the hospital. My roommate gave their portions to me, she somehow did not like.
And here water from the cereal almost completely evaporate, just watch that is not burnt from the bottom. Add two cups of milk, salt and add sugar to taste. Continue to cook on slow fire. By the way, I use only village milk, it seems to me the most useful.
Cook porridge about twenty minutes until tender. Once it is cooked, remove from heat, taste for taste. If you want to add salt or sugar, do it right now.
Laying out the cereal bowls, you can add a piece of butter. It depends on the preferences of your household. I hope the cereal you like.