You will need
    • Millet
    • water (liquid porridge, the ratio of cereals and water 1:3
    • for viscous – 1:2
    • for dense – 1:1,5)
    • milk
    • butter.
Wash the millet several times under running water. Do it carefully enough, so grits are not washed together with dirty. After washing rinse millet with boiling water. This will pre-steamed cereal and make porridge tastier.
Pour the prepared millet, a fairly large amount of water, put the saucepan on the fire. Cook grits until soft in slightly salted water. Then drain all remaining water, and porridge, add warm milk, salt to taste and a knob of butter. Remember that wheat likes liquid. The more water (and then milk) will absorb the grains, the softer and Razvitie get porridge.
Try to cook the milk millet porridge. To do this, put on the stove, two pots, better with a thick bottom. In the same saucepan, pour a liter of water, to another all the necessary ingredients - milk, salt, sugar. Cook millet in water until, until it softens. Then drain the water and rinse the millet under water. It is necessary that millet porridge is bitter.
Now pour half the wheat in the boiling milk. Cook the oatmeal on low heat, be sure to cover the pan with a lid. Regularly stir the porridge to prevent any burning. As soon as the cereal absorbs the milk, add the porridge 30-50 grams of butter, cut into small pieces. Porridge let it cook gently for another 10-15 minutes over very low heat.
Remove the porridge from the heat and leave it in the pan for about 30 minutes. Carefully wrap it with a towel to keep it hot. Serve with dried fruit (raisins, apricots). Alternatively, you can cook millet milk porridge with pumpkin, with fresh fruit (e.g., bananas or apples), cottage cheese, even with mushrooms. Instead of sugar in the finished porridge put the med - so the dish will be even healthier and tastier.For lovers to eat add to porridge instead of butter fried pieces of bacon or pork. It's a very hearty and healthy Russian dish.