There is no one recipe for how to cook millet. For the preparation of powdery or semi-liquid cereals using water or milk as well as fruit, bacon, pumpkin.

What to consider before you cook millet?

  1. Before cooking millet rinse it in several waters. After separation of the debris and dirt from grains, the water will become transparent, and the millet loses its natural bitterness. The last of the water should be hot, which will slightly steam the rump.

  2. To properly cook the millet in not enameled saucepan with a thick bottom and on low heat. In this case, the porridge will not burn and will maintain their true taste.

  3. While cooking grits increases in volume several times, so you need to use cookware the appropriate capacity.

How to cook millet?

Cooking millet is easy. It all depends on what you want to loose, viscous or semi-liquid porridge. In the first embodiment, the ratio of grains and liquid is a glass of cereal and a half Cup of liquid. For "nincompoop" 3 cups of grits takes 3.5 cups of liquid to viscous consistency meals will need 2 of millet to 2.5 cups of liquid.

Cook millet porridge in two stages. First rump pour water and cook on a semi-finished state for about 15 minutes. After which the water is carefully decanted, added to cereal in the hot milk, cook it until thick already. Then add the oil and allow to steam in a warm place, for example, in the preheated oven.

How to cook millet with pumpkin?

Delicious millet porridge with pumpkin. To prepare it, you will need slices of fresh pumpkin, cleaned of seeds and peel. The vegetable is filled with water and blanch no more than 15 minutes.

Then, in pumpkin broth poured the washed millet, cooked for 20 minutes, occasionally stirring it. Then the pan with the thickened mixture cover tightly with a lid, allowing it to popret for half an hour.

This mess can be cooked with milk. Oil is fed to it separately.

Millet goes well with prunes, the peanut butter, so the mess from it are often added and these ingredients.

How to boil millet gruel?

Porridge is a tasty, nutritious, useful. Its preparation is not difficult. In boiling salted water, put the millet and cook until almost fully cooked. And then in the liquid mixture add the potatoes, cut into cubes, and boil another half hour. At the end of cooking porridge put onion and bacon fried together, infuse the dish for 5-10 minutes.

When giving on a table soup sprinkled with herbs.