The surest way to know the outstanding taxes, at the INN of the physical person without a password is to apply directly to FNS at the place of residence. The individual entrepreneur you will need a passport. Usually the appointment is on a provisional basis, so again it is better to call your local tax office or sign up on the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, a link to which you'll find below. On this same website has the address and contact details of all offices around the country, including your city and the nearest settlements.
Information on debts on taxes of physical persons in the form of a receipt usually passed on the spot after verification of all documents. In most offices, FNS provided special services to the citizen. For example, you can read the short number to send TEXT messages showing it to your INN. In response you will receive information on the current state of debt that you can enter in a special form on the website of the tax service.
However, try to check your physical mailbox: the receipt for payment of taxes should come to your location at least once a year. If you do not receive these emails, please contact the tax office and nearest post office: perhaps, the letters stopped coming in connection with a change in your place of residence or any problems with the postal services. Keep all of the receipts and keep in an accessible place so that when the need to recall existing debts on payment of taxes, prosummirovat them. The same paper may be needed for any appeal to the tax office.
Thus, modern man to know the debt of physical persons taxes on INN without a password is not as easy as it was before. It is better not to be lazy and still pass the registration in the personal Cabinet on the website or on the portal of public services. If you do not have the necessary procedures for the certificate was previously get it in the tax inspection at the place of residence. If the tax number you already have, remember it can help the same tax or management at your place of work.
Register in the personal Cabinet of the taxpayer, following the site instructions. If you are already registered on the website services, to log in to your personal account you can use username and password from there. The procedure for obtaining information for registration can take more than one day, because in most cases users have to choose the option of sending them by mail to your residence. Once you go into the office, all the information on your tax debt individuals, will be presented on the screen, it also includes a function of printing receipts.