In people, the Decembrist called "forest cactus" or "Shlumberger". His life expectancy is approximately 25 years. However, novice growers are sometimes faced with the problem when the Decembrists in the home does not bloom. Reasons for this may be several:

  1. The lack of light. Despite the fact that direct sunlight can kill the plant, its lack also has a negative effect on flowering of the Decembrists.
  2. The lack of fertilizer. Forest cactus requires constant feeding of different species depending on the time of year. Otherwise it will grow, but will not dissolve your lovely buds.
  3. Frequent rotations. Decembrist at home feels comfortable in one place, even a simple turn of the pot around its axis he perceives painful. Moreover, it should not be moved from place to place when he's putting forth its first flowers.
  4. Incorrect watering. Schlumbergera, as a representative of the cactus family, it needs special mode of irrigation: moisture deficiency or excess will inevitably lead to the destruction of the root system and diseases of flower.
  5. Not a transplant. If the Decembrists are not repotted for a long period, it will lead to a complete devastation of the soil and weakening roots.
  6. The violation of the root system. Pests, lack of nutrients, the use of concentrated fertilizer is not the best way affect the roots. Wrinkled appearance - a clear signal that there are problems with the roots. In this case, the plant should be immediately transplanted.

Decembrist at home can live many years, delighting their owners with beautiful flowers delicate shades. The most important thing is the correct regular care.

In the summer season the plant should be taken on the balcony or loggia, however, to prevent expose it to direct sunlight. In winter it requires less moisture than in summer. In September, be ready to refuse the feeding and spraying of the Decembrists. The amount of water for irrigation should be reduced and the temperature in the room, on the contrary, to reduce. It was during this period of forest cactus is preparing to bloom. It lasts about a month. Gradually, daily care can resume, but without creating stressful situations for the plant.

In early December, schlumbergera dissolve their buds. Some of them he can later throw. The fact that the Decembrists in the home also needs phosphorus and potassium. Additional fertilizing should solve the issue.

Special attention should be paid to the care of the Decembrist after flowering. This is important for the normal development of plants. You will need to trim off all shoots and prune a cactus. If necessary, transplant it into a pot of larger size. This should stimulate the growth of the Decembrists. The plant itself should be placed in a sufficiently lit place, well watered and constantly fed with nitrogen fertilizers. If flowers appear only on one side, then on the second half of the plant gets enough light. The pot can only be rotated until the first buds.

Thorough and gentle care will necessarily lead to the fact that the Decembrists in the home will flourish every year.