Flowers of the Decembrist can be compared with fireworks in red and white. Flowering plant in the winter time, then when people mostly want bright colours and warmth that it gives its owners. Many will captivate it by the fact that such a nondescript and even sullen in appearance, the plant is in flowering period is truly magical, releasing dozens of pink flowers on short delicate stem.
For a special flower and needed special care, for example, the Decembrist need to replant after flowering. As a rule, the plant fades in late February - right half Mar. Depending on the age of the plant is changing the frequency of its transplant, so, "veterans" (large plants) are transplanted once in 5-6 years; adult - every 3 years, and very young plants annually.
Transplant to flower you will need a shallow but spacious enough pot, because it is necessary to consider the presence of the plant surface root systems. You need to carefully select the soil in which you intend to replant the flower. Thus, the optimum soil of the following composition: 1 part peat lands, 1 part wood land, 1 part leaf earth, 1 part sand. Drainage is also necessary when transplanting. Of course, you can do it the easy way and buy a ready mix soil for planting cacti.
When transplanting, you should pay special attention to the condition of the root system of the plant. If you have any doubt that they are in the order necessary to make their cleaning and to remove dead roots, and then rinse and dry remaining before landing.
After transplanting to watering of the Decembrist should be approached with great caution, because of the order of 15 days, the hive will be "sick." At this time quite often to spray it.
A little advice to fans of this wonderful plant in order to bloom it was abundant, it is necessary to implant the flower for 2-3 segment in a circle, because the buds are formed, usually on young shoots. The regularity of the flowering can provide a simple but very effective method, by placing the Decembrist, before the flowering period (usually October) in a cool room where the temperature does not exceed 15 degrees, month 2, while minimize watering and add fertilizer. Within 60-65 days you are guaranteed to see beautiful flowers on a strong and healthy plant.