Winter is an especially important time for the Decembrist, because that's when he gathers the buds and blooms. Give your plant regular watering and fertilize with a fertilizer designed for cacti. Colors is expected in December or January. In the period when the Decembrist gain buds, the attitude should be especially careful. You cannot change the habitual conditions of the flower, as for the temperature, abundance of light and volume of irrigation. The pot is also better not to budge. Since February, gradually reduce watering and move the plant in a dark cooler place. Hibernation this flower lasts from February to mid–late March. At this time, the Decembrist gaining strength before the next season.
In the spring go back to the previous amount of watering. Although the Decembrist and belongs to the cactus, he is not so well able to store water, so needs almost in the same mode of irrigation, and a variety of deciduous plants. To determine whether the Decembrist water on the upper layer of the soil. However, a more reliable way to be immersed in the earth a wooden stick or a finger to determine the moisture content of the deeper layers. Excess water can cause the roots will rot and the plant will wither.
Summer needs of the Decembrist is largely dependent on air temperature. Flower likes bright light and warmth. Direct sunlight should be avoided, so it is better to hide the pot for the window tulle which diffuses the light. Remember that the hotter the room the faster it will dry the soil is and the more the plant will need watering. To Decembrist grow up healthy and strong, use "soft" water.
The fall of the Decembrist is preparing to bloom. The volume of irrigation should be gradually reduced and the temperature reduced to 12 – 14 degrees. Don't be afraid to perepoloshit flower. Despite its replaybility, Decembrist easily tolerate "cold" up to 9 – 10 degrees. The lack of water and the cool air will help new ovaries formed. Again, increase watering can with the month of November, thus raising the temperature up to 15 degrees.