Wait until the Decembrist flourish (usually late February), and separate multiple final fragments (cuttings) of the plant. Each of them should have 2-3 segments. They separated very easily.
Put the cuttings on the paper and leave them for 1-2 days for podvyalivaniya in dark but well ventilated place.
While the cuttings podvyalivayut, prepare the ground. Take 1 part of leaf, turf and peat lands, 1 part river sand, and some brick chips. At the bottom of the pot arrange the drainage of expanded clay. If it is not possible to prepare the soil yourself, buy in a specialty store prepared the ground for cacti. Pour the ground in the large and shallow pot.
Place cuttings in moist land vertically, not buried (as they must be to stand on the surface of the earth). To speed up the rooting process, you can cover the pot with foil or jar. Do not forget from time to time to ventilate landing. Irrigation with warm water is moderate, no need to shed all the layers of the earth to the drainage.
As soon as you see the cuttings on the emergence of new segments, remove the film and start to take care of a Decembrist, as for adult plants. That is, water to defend water at room temperature (flower does not tolerate cold water), do not allow excess moisture to avoid rotting and dying roots.