You will need
  • Zelenka and tulle.
Before you begin the whitening process, first you need to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt, wash in the washing machine or by hand. Soak the tulle for a couple of hours in warm water. Important: water should not exceed 30 degree temperature, and the yellow stuff will eat into a tulle forever and no bleaching will not help.
After washing is required again for a couple of hours to soak the tulle in a salt solution, prepared thus: half a glass of water to dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt. The salt will give the elasticity. Then thoroughly rinse. Water is better to change twice.
The second rinse should do this procedure: in a glass of water to take 10-15 drops of green fodder, a good whisk and leave to stand for two minutes. Then, making sure that at the bottom there was formed a precipitate, pour the solution into the container for rinsing in which water is poured. Otherwise, the product will remain green spots. Tulle to withstand 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly and turning over. Then you need to rinse and wring out without twisting, let the water to drain. Done all these procedures will return the curtain remains white, clean and fresh.