The need to restore contacts on Android may occur after full formatting the phone after accidental deletion of some information or because the effects of viruses. Although, no matter what was the reason of data loss, the recovery process contacts does not change.

Restore contacts via Gmail

Most phones running on Android OS have streamlined mechanism for data synchronization with Gmail account. So, to recover the contact list, you first need to log in to your Google account. In the upper left corner is a button "Gmail", click it and then select "Contacts". Then you need to click the "Advanced" button (located above the contact list) and select "Restore contacts".

Then you must specify the date on which you want to restore contacts (a week ago, a month ago, you can even specify 10 minutes ago or an hour ago). In the event that if you suddenly have to cancel this procedure, you need to remember the time when the restoration of the contact list. Next you need to start the recovery procedure using the button "Recover" and at the end of the roll to the top of the screen a message appears.

At any time you can cancel the recovery process by pressing the "Cancel" button, which is located in the yellow notification at the top of the screen. If the button is not there, you can restore the contacts again – you will need to specify the time prior to starting the recovery process.

If this does not work, you need to check whether contacts sync with the Gmail account (Settings – Accounts – Contacts). You can also try to disable contacts sync on the phone, go to contact the owner and try to recover data.

If it did not help, you can also try to remove and re-add Gmail account in the phone settings. Most often, problems with the restoration are in the case if the contacts were saved on the SIM card or on the phone, and not as Gmail contacts.

Restore contacts through the application

You can also restore contacts on Android with special apps. For Example, Super Backup Pro. After installing the application, you need to run it and select "Backup". After that a new window will appear titled backup of your contacts, and the orange color will indicate the place where you saved the file. After clicking "OK" there will be a restore contacts. In addition, this program is able to send backup on email.