Food for chickens in the winter should be fresh and useful. To do this, even in the summer you need to start to harvest the broom from nettles. Dry them in a ventilated room in winter and give one broom per day. Nettle many trace elements, so necessary for the animal organism.
You can also collect hay dust, which is added to the dried and crushed shells from eggs. Stirred and poured into a small trough. The shell contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for egg production.
Grow more beets and pumpkin. These vegetables will be delicious not only your family, but also the chickens. Encourage the birds to loaf on the day in the winter, they enjoy their pollut. Vegetables enough fluids to quench your thirst for the day. But the water still have to be in the coop. Even if it freezes.
Fit a small bath for dry swimming. Pour it in clean river sand and some small pebbles. Chickens love to clean feathers such baths, to peck at the pebbles, which is good for egg production.
Winter in the chicken coop should be dry, clean, light. Increase birds winter daylight hours. To do this, leave the light on in the coop at night. If you do not mind, you can turn on lights early in the morning at 6, and off later in the evening, at 10-11.