Reasons why chickens have stopped laying eggs, may be different. The main ones:
- improper conditions of detention;
- fear and stress;
- improper diet;
infection and disease;
- inattention of the owner.

The abnormal conditions of laying hens

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One of the reasons why chickens have stopped laying too low or high temperature in the house. The optimum temperature for chickens is 20-23°, not above 25C. Hang it in the hen house thermometer is the most reliable way to determine whether conditions of detention meet the requirements. If necessary, insulate the coop or often ventilate it.
Often ventilate the coop and keep it clean. Be careful to have enough light and optimal for bird temperature.

Another reason for the decline of jajtsenoskost laying hens may be the lack of light in the house. Experienced veterinarians and owners of poultry farms are advised not to turn off the lights in this room on a night and during the day to let the birds out for fresh air in an enclosed place designed for walking.

In addition, in the room where the laying hens must have enough space. If the house is too much chicken, it may be one of the reasons why they stop laying. Ensure that the coop had a place for egg laying. Excess roosters otkryvaite in a separate enclosure. Ten hens is enough one cock.

Other reasons for the decline of jajtsenoskost in chickens

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Fear and stress. Chicken is a very shy bird. Could stress anything from heavy rain to big Creek. But because of various unexpected and exciting situations often lead to the fact that the chickens stop giving eggs.
Some chickens can peck themselves to your just demolished the eggs, especially at deficiency of calcium.

An improper diet. When the bird is not enough solid food, rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals, it ceases to lay eggs, or the last out without the shell. In this case, it is recommended to change to a new food and enter in the hens ' diet missing vitamins. To make up for the lack of calcium, give them the crushed shells or the shells from the eggs.
If the chickens had long ceased to lay eggs, you should contact your veterinarian.

Chickens can suffer from various diseases and infections. Only medical advice of a veterinarian can correct the situation.

Sometimes the owner of the chickens inadvertently thinks they ceased laying. However, quite often, crows, mice, rats or wild animals stealing the eggs from the chicken coop, because that creates a false impression that eggs were not. Rats are doing is very clever: one of them takes the egg in the paws, and then lies on her back, and the rest are her with the trophy in his home. Ravens do much easier: taking the egg in the beak, they fly away.

It is also worth considering that the hen's eggs in order to hatch chickens. When she realizes that her eggs lost, she can change the place of masonry. Look carefully in all corners of the house, it is possible that you will find them.