You dream your own wedding, where you as bride or groom

If a young unmarried girl or unmarried boy sees in a dream his own wedding, you should expect trouble. This dream symbolizes health issues, trouble at work. In General, anything good. You should be as careful to refrain from hasty actions in the near future. However, this interpretation only applies to those young people, which in reality is lonely and does not even think about the wedding.

If the wedding is a dream man who is in love with or associated with serious relationship, then wait for the good news. Perhaps, very soon your dream will come true and you will tie the knot in real life.

For an adult to see yourself in a dream as a bride or groom – this is a very unfavorable sign which is a sign of illness, loneliness, disappointment and death. Especially if you have dreams of your own wedding with a complete stranger. The brighter the dream, the worse.

However, do not immediately become discouraged and set yourself up for trouble. Must match a set of circumstances that dream come true. First, it needs to be very bright, after awakening you will remember all his fine details. Second, much depends on the circumstances of life in which you are currently. For example, if you recently busy planning for the wedding of someone from your friends or relatives, it is not even worth to make this dream a value.

What a dream wedding of a loved one

If a married woman dreams of a wedding of her own husband with another woman, it could mean the time for decisive action. Depending on circumstances, can be interpreted this dream literally. The subconscious gives a signal that the halves came another man, to whom he feels sympathy.

For girls, this dream can mean disappointment in love, separation from a loved one.

You dream you are attending someone else's wedding as a guest

If the bride and groom you are completely unfamiliar, then wait for the changes that you do not have much affect, but you will be able to draw from the circumstances a sufficient benefit for themselves.

You dream that you are invited to the wedding of friends – perhaps, soon, you will be asked for help.

To see yourself in a wedding dress

This dream means a sickness. The older a woman is dreaming the dream, the stronger she'll get sick. If something bothers you, you should immediately seek the help of a specialist.

To dream his own wedding without the groom

If you dream that you are at your own wedding without the groom, your future plans will not come true. You expect a little disappointed, but maybe it's for the best?

Sleep eating wedding cake

Trouble, scandal in the family, problems at work, in General, annoying troubles that considerably will pull your nerves in the coming days.

To dream of a wedding

If you just see a Bridal procession, but they do not participate in it, but you will have to make an important decision that determines your future life.