Why you can't eat after training with a high aerobic load? This question only has to worry about those who dropped weight and is engaged in aerobics, and not gaining muscle mass, because the diet and nutrition rules the other.And those who leaned on aerobic exercise, rather, seek to lose weight or maintain weight. In this case, the benefits of fasting for 1.5-2 hours after the end of the training is reflected in the acceleration of metabolism. During exercise calories are burned, the body releases fat and toxins. After the occupation of the body by inertia continues to drop unnecessary water comes out in the abdomen there is a pleasant burning sensation. Usually intense process continues during the first half, and then slowly fades away. If you eat immediately after exercise, this rewarding process will affect those calories that people "ate" only that, and not those that are in the form of fat deposits on the body and burn that much harder. The organism first learns that it's easier to translate into energy, and processing of fat reserves requires a lot of effort. Thus, all the works of training go down the drain. Moreover, it is easy to see that after the meal directly after exercise, there physical weakness and decreased tone. This is especially noticeable if to eat correctly. Proper nutrition before and after training should complement a positive result of sports activities, not to strike it down.Eat before a workout is necessary for 2-2. 5 hours, preferably with meals rich in protein (eggs, meat, cheese, cottage cheese), supplemented with vegetable garnish. Carbs before workout are undesirable, because they give quick energy to the body, and it does not work to get it out of their inventory. However, they are invalid for very large loads. Proteins, as such, energy is not given, but they are natural protein for the muscles. Food should be lean, because in this case it may cause nausea and abdominal cramps.Nutrition after a workout, first and foremost, should contain a large amount of liquid. Therefore, before a meal drink a glass of water, pure or with vitamin C. If the goal is muscle building, the diet should be mainly protein. In General, the body loses so much energy that needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Therefore, the best solution is a combination of all three components.However, cookies and cakes as a carb here is not suitable, this role is better to give fresh fruit and berries. Bread preferably whole grain, meat, and cheese – low-fat. Ideal – a bowl of cereal with milk and fruit pieces. Nutritionists recommend eating half of the calories lost in training, if the goal is weight loss. This is enough to regain strength and not to "extinguish" the fire will continue to burn excess fat.