You will need
  • - grout for tile;
  • - swipe;
  • - waterproof varnish;
  • - shell;
  • - marine pebbles;
  • - vinyl stickers;
  • - plastic panels;
  • muragl;
  • accessories for the bathroom.
Changes in the bathroom start with a General cleaning – move out things that have long been standing there just so, and rather tired. Is various bottles, jars, napkins, soap and erase tools, cups as well as larger items, such as shelves, lockers, racks for toiletries, blinds, etc. Some of these things without regret throw. Better if you have in your bathroom will only have fixed items that you decided not to replace. For example, she bath, wash basin, shower, tiles and perhaps a towel warmer.
Inspect all faucets and mixers, siphons and seals. They often require replacement, and if you have decided on a upgrade, it is wise to look for quality bathroom accessories. They are not cheap, but it's the only thing, try not to save.
If the walls in your bathroom covered with ceramic tiles and you don't want to replace it, appearance can be just refreshing. To remove the old grout between the seams and apply new, possibly different, more contrasting color. It will significantly change the look of the bathroom. How to paint a tile is not necessary, because the result may be not the one you expect.
And if you still want a ceramic tile something to decorate, try to Supplement it with decoupage: cut out of napkins a few drawings, put them on a special adhesive and top coat varnish. Or attach to the wall is something of a nautical theme, for example, the shell, put the edge of the sea stones.
Very popular at the present time use vinyl sticker. Because they are not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, and are easy to clean, suitable for the bathroom. Try to decorate these vivid details of a side panel bath, shower or mirror. This accent color will make look at this room in new ways.
Quickly update the room, finished with wall panels made of plastic. The choice for size and color on the market today is huge. You can also Refine and ceiling. Just make sure that the bathroom had good ventilation.
An original way to decorate the bathroom , you can also decorate her morally – photo of the decorative panels in the wall or part of it. This way you can visually expand the space and completely transform your room.
Below the picture on the wall fit to the image of bathroom, add its appropriate to the theme and style accessories. Different decorative knobs on wardrobe doors, cups, mats, and new towels can completely transform the room.
Change also the mirror and shutter. You can buy a different form of the mirror, and can the existing framing baguette. Well in your updated bath will look and trendy towel rack, openwork shelves, wicker Laundry basket or vase with branches, embellished with large faux pearls.
A variety of interesting things, stylish containers, decorative containers for bath and cosmetic products, placed in the bathroom, reinforce the impression of novelty.