Low salary

You have been with the company for several years. And here's to you arranged of a young specialist and the chief assigns him a salary equal to your. In your opinion is an unfair decision, because you in fact were given to understand that your experience doesn't matter.

In this situation, should not interfere with the head. Don't take out their dissatisfaction on the beginner, do not try to insult him or put in a bad light. Call on Frank conversation Manager and ask them to add salary. Justify it by his excellent work, not that that is a newcomer receives the same with you.

Not improve p

For several years, you sought to take the higher position. And that was released right place, but unexpectedly it is not transferred to you, and an unknown outsider.

Explain to your boss that you work many years at one job, and excelled in it. But are you ready to try themselves in other spheres of activity. So you are very interested to know how the user imagines your future career in the company. If you really appreciate, in a short time you will be promotion.

You got the dressing for no reason

Your professional activity up to the current moment did not cause the critical comments, but suddenly the leader suddenly shouted at you. You must very delicately to make amends for the conflict with the head and to return the old relationship.

Perhaps anger management is not caused by your blunder, and the source of his irritation the other person. Just not a good time to have around. It is necessary to wait a few days and you'll probably apologize.

If nothing happens, select a good time when the boss in a good mood and in a hurry, and we'll talk. Find out what is your mistake and why you were subjected to such criticism. If you find that you really made a mistake in the work, apologize and fix it.

The conflict with the head because of the rude words in his address

You have shown negligence in conversation with colleagues, and now the boss know that you are unhappy with them. It remains only to find a significant reason for your dismissal. How can that be? First of all, never allow yourself to criticism of the leadership, or even colleagues. However, if this happens, then you should on their own initiative to apologize and make up. Sometimes, in a fit of anger, we allow unflattering remarks about his superiors.

The main thing to remember is that if conflicts with the boss you need to behave cautiously and respectfully. You should not start an open war, because victory is likely to be not on your side.